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Friday, May 13, 2016


Last March, days out from heading out on the road, I was having periodic regrets, doubts and nightmares about starting the trip.  What had I given up?  Was this going to be financial disaster?  What if I hated the whole thing?  I will admit, the whole painful trip across Texas, I considered turning back.  I was anxious and exhausted. It took a couple weeks to relax into it but I can think of nothing else I should be doing right now.  I am on this journey for a reason even if I am not quite sure what it is yet.
I am days from heading back out onto the road to start the second leg of my journey and I could not be more excited.  I am looking forward to new places, people and stories.  Now that I am a little more comfortable, I have decided to push myself a little.  It is easy for me to crawl back into my teardrop and avoid interactions but my most compelling experiences were when I forced myself to do things well outside of my comfort zone. With that in mind, I started to make a list of things I wanted to do, a scavenger hunt of sorts, but I also wanted to engage my readers a bit more.  So here it is, an old fashioned classic: BINGO!
Yes, I have made a bingo card.  If you are following along, print it out and mark them off!  A national park centennial shirt goes to the winner!  

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