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Friday, March 25, 2016

Should be read with Flo Rida's "My House" in the background...
        I have been on the road for a whopping 24 hours and the one thing I can say for sure is that I may be alone but I am never going to be alone.  RV living is the closest thing to living in a dorm that I have come to in the last 16 years. 
            I spent yesterday’s drive from Tucson, which took about 1.5h longer than I expected, stressing that there would be no space in the park.  Reservations were not permitted. To compound things, the sun was starting to set.  In my nightmare, I was wondering around West Texas in the dark, trying to find a campground.   Texas Chainsaw Massacre was playing in my head.
            Alas, I finally found the parking lot that serves at the RV park.  I was still trying to wiggle into my space when the first curious couples wonder over.  Yes, I acknowledge that I am a bit of a unique size and shape so the curiosity is inevitable; but I am still a little self conscious of my backing and hitching routine so having four “experts” watching had me feeling a little crowded.  In fact I would have been more comfortable just doing a striptease for them. 
            As repeated experience has now shown, they are not happy just seeing the outside.  A grand tour is expected and there are no inhibitions about inviting one’s self in to see.  This is when being obsessive compulsive about keeping things clean and organized pays off.  I felt pretty confident there was no underwear in eyesight. 
            Then we move onto the awkward hurdle of whether this belongs to my boyfriend or husband.  Once this very confusing fact is cleared up, advice is then freely dispensed: I need a solar panel and why haven’t I gotten one yet?  Charging the battery via the car is going to destroy my camper battery.  It is impossible to see all the national parks in a year.  Camping in Hot Springs is impossible unless you get there by noon.  I should travel with a dog. 

            I probably sound a little critical.  Truthfully these are perfect strangers making conversation about something that, in theory, we have in common.  This should be easy and natural.  We are temporary neighbors in the wilderness. Kumbaya!  But let’s not forget, peace offerings of food and chocolate are the start to every great relationship.

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