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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hot Springs Addendum:
After 13 hot, dusty miles running around Hot Springs (excellent trail running, by the way), I was looking forward to one of their famous baths.  Unfortunately, I was also visiting on Easter Sunday so to my great disappointment, all the traditional baths were closed.  Fortunately, one of the bathhouses has been converted to a brewery so I enjoyed a different sort of sudsy treat. Still there was no way I was leaving Hot Springs without actually trying the Hot Springs.
I rolled out of bed early and ran to the top of one of their mountains just to feel like I earned it although after living with the wet bath in my trailer, I pretty much deserved it.  I was first in line for the experience.  I wish I could post photos of this experience which truly takes you back in time but they would be inappropriate.  I can say that a bath and hot towel wrap should be how all cold morning runs finish.


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