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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feeling high on my plan to road trip the parks, I shared with my family who promptly and reliably expressed their doubt.  It's not that they aren't supportive, it's that I happen to be in a phase where I have a lot of "plans".    Every day was something new.  Back to school for my MBA.  Write a book.  Apply for a job in pharma.  Apply for a job with IHS.  Go back to fellowship.  Start a brewery. The options were plentiful.  So their doubt was not without reason.  But I think their biggest reason was simply that I hate camping and they saw a lot of camping in my future.
I have to admit.  The thought of sleeping in a tent on the ground for several months made my motivation wane.  My last camping experience was 17 years ago.  As a cross country skier, I was a rare specimen and a team needed a skier for a multisport race.  Being cheap college students, we camped the night before the race and I woke up in pouring rain soaking in a puddle.  I swore I would never camp again and I never have.
It presented something of a dilemma.  The cost and inconvenience of hotels seemed impractical.  The tent was just a little too practical.  Research ensued.  Well, maybe not research, but a lot of surfing on night shifts until it was love at first sight.

Just under 90 square feet, it has all the necessities and absolutely nothing else.  Most importantly, I have a dry bed to sleep on and a toilet that I didn't have to share with bears or humans.
There are only a few minor issues.  The first being that I know nothing about campers of any size.  The second is that I lacked a proper vehicle to tow it with.  Finally, it has no microwave.  I am cautiously optimistic that six months in a confined space will go flawlessly!

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